A Study in Satin
Part 2 - Veni, Veni, Vici!


by Tigger


This is Part 2 of the story, "A Study in Satin".
Part 1, Semper Cogitus! is available here.

Part 3, Dum Vivimus Vivamus is available here.
Epilogue and Afterward, Mens Sano in Corpore Cito! is available here.

Now, on with the story!

I enjoy being a girl!


Chapter Title Chapter Title


 The Second End


 A Day in the Life of a Would-be French Debutante


Enter THE Woman


 A Lady's Debut
 3 Withdrawal Without End 12  Dancing in the Dark
 4 The Feminine Crucible  13 Katrina's Story
 5  Afterglow Aftermath  14  Moriarty's Gambit
 6 The Thoughts of Professor Moriarty  15 Back on the Trail 
 7 Facing the Facts  16 Point-Counterpoint/ Disaster-Opportunity
 8 Music Hath Charms  17  The Search for Moriarty
 9  Stitching Together an Alliance  18 Last Moments Before the Storm 

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