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Seasons Greetings:

A Carol Christmas

by Tigger

(c) 2001, All Rights Reserved


Based on the characters and situations presented in

 Seasons of Change

 by Joel Lawrence, Copyright 1989.


Archiving and reposting of this story *unchanged* is permitted provided that no fee be charged, either directly or indirectly (this includes so-called "adult checks") *and* provided that this disclaimer and attribution to the original author are maintained.

For nearly twenty five years, young men on the road to troubled lives have come to Jane Thompson's Victorian Mansion to learn better ways to live and to handle their more destructive emotions. Most have more or less fallen into her tough-loving clutches without too much difficulty, but there have been a few problem cases who have tested even Jane's iron determination.

Carol, or rather Carl, is just such a problem. He has, for many months, effectively resisted all of Jane's efforts. Now, as the Christmas Day looms, even the indomitable Jane must question whether or not there is anything she can do for this student.

Ah, but Christmas Eve is a magical time, and sometimes, magical things can happen, even on nights when the Spirits don't come calling.


Table of Contents

Chapter Title
 Forward and Introduction
Prelude and the First of the Final Confrontations
Christmas Yet to Be
Christmas Present
 Christmas Past
 The End of It

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