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Updated May 8, 2009

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Halloooooooo! I'm Tigger! T - I - double-Guh - errrrrrrrrr !

When I am not bouncing around my real life, I like to write. This is the site where I will be archiving my own material.

 I'M BAAAAACCCKKKK!!!!! (Again! Yes, AGAIN!)

Well, we're gonna give this another try.  A lot of stuff has happened in the three and a half years - since the last time I said I was back - again.  I am not promising it will be quick and I'm not promising it will be the same, but it will be something, anyway.  Check out What's New to find out what's been happening, what's planned and what, if anything, has changed since the last time you were here.

Back to the Front Porch?

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  So Where are those Scratchings, Big Cat?   Ummm, well, now, ya see, ummm, good questions.  The links below currently point to a web archive and not all of them work.  If you find the story you want - cool; if not, ummm Patience IS a virtue.  (You've waited 3.5 years - what's a few more days, weeks, months . . . )

The Seasons Saga. (Also Known as the Legend of Aunt Jane Thompson)

Other Transgender Stories: Stories in which a person deals with a shift in his/her most basic identity.

Loving Dominance and Submission Stories : Stories in which two lovers exchange power, trust, love and caring.

A Study in Satin: This is an alternative Sherlock Holmes story in which the Great Detective must face his most dangerous foe and his worst prejudices.

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A Few Authors that Tiggers Like Best!!!!    Links

The one constant in web-publication of fiction seems to be that everyone keeps moving all over the Net. As most of my readers know, my favorite author on the web is my friend and collaborator, Brandy Dewinter. Other authors who are favorites (in no particular order) include (but are not limited to): Elrod, the Divine Ms Dauber, Denise Em, Vickie Tern, Steve Zink, The Professor, Christopher Leeson, O2Bxx, Julie O, a guy named Joel Lawrence, Stephanie and a bunch of others I can't remember now because it is too late and I am falling asleep at the keyboard. Most of these folks can be found at:

Fictionmania, Nifty, StorySite, TopShelf and Stardust

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 Tell me what was good, and what things that could be better- Please Write me a Note!