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Other Transgender Stories

by Tigger

 The Stars of the Story

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 Story Title

Picture - Gypsy with a Tamborine 

Jacqui (Jack) Donovan

A Change of Direction
 Picture - Woman Officer Hat
Elaine (Allain) Charboneau

A Change of Orders

 Picture - from Story

Mandy (Matthew) Sorenson &"Big Cat" Donovan

A Wish the Heart Makes: Fornever in Blue Genes
 Image - Greek Woman

The Apprentice Circutus

 Before Homer

 Picture - Red-haired Model in a Bikini

Lieutenant Allie (Alexander) Kowalchek

 Bikini Beach: To Serve and Protect

 Picture - Sexy Witch

Melisande (and/or her Hubby, Jeremy)

 Loving a Witch
 Picture-Pregnant Silhouette

Kyra and Markie

 Mistress is Pregnant
 Picture - Woman in a Veil


 The Sultan's Heir

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