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Tales of the Season: Caitlyn's Story

by Tigger

(c) 1999, All Rights Reserved



Based on the characters and situations presented in

 Seasons of Change

 by Joel Lawrence, Copyright 1989.


Archiving and reposting of this story *unchanged* is permitted provided that no fee be charged, either directly or indirectly (this includes so-called "adult checks") *and* provided that this disclaimer and attribution to the original author are maintained.

For nearly twenty five years, young men on the road to troubled lives have come to Jane Thompson's Victorian Mansion to learn better ways to live and to handle their more destructive emotions. Most have more or less fallen into her tough-loving clutches without too much difficulty, but there have been a few problem cases who have tested even Jane's iron determination.

Caitlyn is just such a problem. She cannot handle certain critical aspects of the masquerade well enough to complete the program. A court-referred case, Caitlyn's inability to go out in public dressed en femme safely severely hamstrings Jane and may well force Jane to make a decision she will hate. Of course, there is much more to this story as you will soon find out.


Table of Contents

 Part Chapter Title Part Chapter Title
 1  Demons in the Night  8 Caitlyn Breaks and the Puzzle Fits
 2 Confrontation, Disaster and Unexpected Strength Caitlyn's Mother
 3 Investigations, and a Cry for Help  10 Confronting Caitlyn's Past
 4 A Voice and Face from the Past  11 Fearful Dancing; Dancing Free
 5 Jane's Old Boyfriend - Diana  12 Breaking the Chrysalis
 6 Caitlyn's Past and Diana's Plans  13 Loving Well is the Best Living
 7 The Courtship of Ms Jane Thompson  Epilogue  Epilogue

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