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These two stories are the Cabal Stories. Domination Games was the second full length Story I ever wrote while Protecting the Mistress was written years later. The Cabal is a club for D/s players with a mountain retreat where anything and any fantasy can be safely played out.

Domination Games

Protecting the Mistress

 Partnering is about two young people who each seek solutions to a problem in a House of Loving Domination. He wants to be a great lover; she wants to be a virgin sexpot. Both find more than they expected.
These two tales are related, but in a rather unusual way. Not Blackmailed was the first, and was about an author who wrote BDSM stories. Dreamer's Tale is the story he was writing in the first story. Dreamers Tale was co-authored by the great L. Corvidae, author of Nothing Like the Sun and Red Rain (which I have received author's  permission to post here at the Scratching Post!)


Not Blackmailed

Dreamer's Tale

 I wrote this story for Celeste's Story Contest and it got badly panned in her review. Oddly enough, it is one of my most well received stories in the groups that cater to this story genre.
 The Reality of Virtual Possession
This is a list of little short stories that I wrote because I had one of those "peculiar inspirations" that end up being an exploration more than anything else. And they're short, which as many will tell you, is nothing short of a miracle for me.





At Her Command

Not One of the Herd

By Any Other Name


Why ( Preparations and Introspections

 A Domina goes out for a night on the town, but comes home anticipating a night of loving play with her lifemate sub, only to find tragedy instead. This is a story of how tragedy transitions to triumph.
Tragedy, Transition and Triumph
 A husband sub would like children while his wife/Domme is not so sure. So she poses a test for him that will decide the issue for them - only it is a test comprised of all the things he most fears.
 The Scavenger Hunt

 SoulMates is likely my most controversial work. There does not seem to be any middle ground as readers love it or hate it. This is the story of what happens with a non-sub guy falls for a heavy Domme lady and how he tries to be what she needs.

Warning: The ending feels forced to me now (14 years later) and I am considering a 'variation on the theme' effort to make the whole fit the ending.  It's a big maybe right now.  Also, some of the scenes in it are grim - including a violation of a safeword occurance and a forced no-safeword scene.


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