Picture - Mistress Monique


by Tigger © 1993
All Rights Reserved

A story of S&M between SoulMates

Picture - Mistress Monique

Table of Contents

Introduction/Part One: Just a Walk in the Park

Part Two: Another Kind of Dance

Part Three: Life and Love Decisions

Part Four: First Times

Part Five: Learning and Loving: Monique

Part Six: Learning and Loving: Nathan

Part Seven: Growth and Endurance

Part Eight: More than a Session

Part Nine: The Bostonian Scenario

Part Ten: Failure of a Scene

Part Eleven: Rebirth

Part Twelve: The San Francisco Scene.

Part Thirteen: Debits Paid and Accounts Received

Part Fourteen: My Teacher's Teacher

Part Fifteen: Turnabout and Deeper Learning

Part Sixteen: Deeper Play

Part Seventeen: Demonstrations & Confrontations

Part Eighteen: Laying it on the Line

Part Nineteen: An Ending

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